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Dear SKOS Shuttle visitor

Thank you for your interest in SKOS Shuttle.

SKOS Shuttle was developed and (privately) financed by Semweb LLC.

It is ADS free and it is free to use (inside some limits) as well as definitely low price, compared with other similar best-in-class tools.

In order to develop it to a more mature degree, to get more functionalities, a better usability, but also to keep on financing its location, maintenance and the electricity needed to operate it, Semweb is seeking for funding.

Please consider, it is not just a toy from the internet to use and throw because it is just free or at low cost. Semweb decided to make it low cost in order to allow for a low threshold for many interested institutions (private, educational or NGO) as possible.

The idea behind SKOS Shuttle is supporting enterprises in projects, where you and Semweb can further grow together.

SKOS Shuttle was and is improved thanks to its user's will, skills, time and intention to cooperate/communicate with Semweb every wish but also every issue.

->Thank you for considering this before you start using SKOS Shuttle.<-

Semweb can guarantee an anonimous secured access, but it is basically interested in your experience and would prefer the "personal touch" to the anonimous access.
  • Taxonomy Governance - RDF Synchronization
  • RDF editing in short and full mode
  • Systematics Assistant for any descriptor
  • OWL: Integration of OWL Ontologies
  • SKOS++: Custom Relations & Attributes
  • More than 1400 Units of Measure
  • Orphan Concept Analysis and quick “deorphanization”
  • Document Management
  • Project Management with RDF easy transfer
  • RESTful API delivering in Json, XML and YAML
  • Project Snapshots
  • SPARQL endpoint
  • 100% transport layer security (SSL)
  • Project Management & role based access
  • Works with internal and external RDF stores: tested with ALLEGROGRAPH, BLAZEGRAPH, GRAPHDB, JENA-FUSEKI, MARKLOGIC, STARDOG, VIRTUOSO
  • Development and Maintenance of Thesauri
  • Concept navigation / exploration
  • Migration of Thesauri
  • Use inside your environment through API
  • Operate your thesauri with Linked Data

SKOS Shuttle is a multi-tenant / multi-user Thesaurus Management Service implemented in J2EE running on the latest Apache Tomcat.
It uses proven methods for accessing SKOS thesauri. RDF data are stored outside SKOS Shuttle in a Sesame compliant RDF Repository. Thesaurus data can be imported into SKOS Shuttle and be physically hosted on the Semweb LLC RDF platform and/or RDF repositories of your choice, integrated remotely via REST HTTP/SSL.

Use SKOS Shuttle for free, up to a certain extent.
Students get Silver tariff for free.
Pay at your needs
Hover with your mouse on the tariff names

SKOS Shuttle is optimized to offer the best user experience on (the latest version of) the major browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Need migration support?
Have Specific questions ?
Need advice on thesauri, SPARQL, RDF ?
Write or call us - we are happy to provide you with quick support in remote or at your site.

Hourly fee

: CHF 120.- +VAT

Daily rate

: CHF 800.- +VAT

SKOS Shuttle is available 7 days a week.

During 20:00 - 24:00 and at the Weekend or fairy days some short interruptions might occur due to maintenance works.